The Daylesford Foundation

Turning lives around since 2018.

into the community.

Who are we

Our Vision

To be an ongoing provider of support for children so that they may thrive through all phases of their education journey.

Our Mission

To provide vital support to children and their families experiencing significant challenges but are unable to access other relevant funding. We collaborate with schools and community groups to directly assist those in need.

How we support our community

By enabling local primary and high schoolers to succeed

Led by the participating schools, this program is about identifying and implementing specific, measurable programs aimed at supporting (and re-engaging) the most vulnerable school-aged children to give them every chance to succeed.

By empowering teens transitioning into further education or career endeavours

This program supports teenagers transitioning into further education or career-based pursuits (but who are facing significant barriers to getting there) such as commencing university or embarking on an apprenticeship.

By collaborating with other local organisations

We work with a number of local charities and providers including the Daylesford Good Grub Club, the Hepburn Regional Community Cheer, Child and Family Services, and Central Highlands Rural Health to support our community via food and fuel vouchers, meals, toy drives, rental assistance, transport and more.