Financial updates

The Daylesford Foundation continues to provide ongoing financial support for local charities, The Good Grub Club, and the Hepburn Regional Community Cheer.

Over the last 12 months, the Foundation has invested more than $150,000 with more than half of this funding supporting young people and children to remain engaged with learning.

Below are the key projects the Foundation delivers and /or funds annually:

Daylesford L2P – The program specifically supports learner drivers who are unable to access a vehicle or driving mentor, two things that are critical in achieving the required 120 hours practise prior to obtaining their probationary license.     


The Daylesford Foundation has donated a Toyota Corolla to enable local volunteer mentors and learner drivers in the Daylesford area to have easy access to a vehicle. Having a driver’s license means young people are able to get to work and study in the face of limited public transport in the region.

Daylesford Foundation Scholarships program – The Foundation has awarded nine new scholarships for 2024 in addition to the five continuing scholarship recipients. These scholarships are individually tailored to support young people to transition from school to further study or work with resources such as computers, books, travel, and accommodation expenses. To apply for one of these scholarships go to the scholarship page.

Schools Program – in 2023 The Daylesford Foundation initiated a school funding program, with all 12 schools in the Hepburn shire, aimed at individual children and young people to support transitions between kinder, primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Additional funding is available for excursions, swimming, and lunch time clubs to ensure each child has access to all learning experiences.

LIFT – LIFT stands for Locals Inspiring Future Transformation.

The Daylesford Foundation provides vital support to individuals and families experiencing significant challenges in their life and are unable to access other relevant funding.       

The support provided enables those people to participate and thrive in the community with practical support that aims to have a lasting impact on their lives. 

If you would like to be considered for this program, please contact CHRH Community Health & Wellbeing on 53216550 or via email:

The Daylesford Foundation would like to thank our partners who assist us in our endeavours to support people living in difficult circumstances to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.