2022 Financial Year Update

The economic effects following COVID lockdowns, the devastating war in Ukraine, rising interest rates, petrol price hikes, and the increase in the general cost of living have all combined to place incredible stress and financial burden on many Australians.

The Daylesford Foundation continues to provide ongoing financial support for local charities, The Good Grub Club and Hepburn Regional Community Cheer and the Healthy Lunch Kitchen.

During FY22 we received donations totalling $184,229. Of that, $143,624 has been invested directly back into our local community, leaving $40,605 in the kitty and yet to be allocated.

Below are projects the foundation has initiated/partnered during 2022.

LIFT – LIFT stands for Locals Inspiring Future Transformation. In partnership with Central Highlands Rural Health, the Daylesford Foundation is excited to launch the LIFT Project. The LIFT Project seeks to assist local community members experiencing hardship, helping people to get back on their feet and actively overcome life challenges.

By providing immediate material relief LIFT will also assist in making longer-term changes on the road to greater independence and self-sufficiency for the local community.
If you would like to be considered for this program, please contact CHRH Community Health & Wellbeing on 53216550 or via email: LiftReferrals@hhs.vic.gov.au

Daylesford L2P – The program will specifically support learner drivers who have trouble accessing a vehicle or driving mentor, two things that are critical in achieving the required 120 hours practice prior to obtaining their probationary licence.       

The Daylesford Foundation has donated a Toyota Corolla to the Ballarat Foundation to enable local volunteer mentors and learner drivers in the Daylesford area to have easy access to a vehicle.

Daylesford Foundation Inaugural Scholarship – In partnership with Daylesford College, the Daylesford Foundation has now awarded five scholarships to support young people who are commencing their TAFE or university studies. These scholarships support young people with computers, books, travel, and accommodation expenses.

Healthy Lunch Kitchen – The Daylesford Foundation has partnered with Rijk Zwaan and Health Futures Australia to create the healthy lunch kitchen to educate children in benefits of healthy eating.
This amazing initiative has already provided more than 7,000 healthy lunches to primary school students across six schools in the Hepburn shire.

The Daylesford Foundation would like to thank our partners who assist us in our endeavours to support people living in difficult circumstances to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our partners are:

Central Highlands Rural Health, Child and Family Services Ballarat

Child Protection Ballarat, Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre

Daylesford Primary School, Daylesford Secondary College

Good Grub Club, Grampians Disability Advocacy

Hepburn Health Mental Wellbeing, Hepburn Regional Community Cheer